Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can provide a faster and less expensive means of resolving disputes than litigation and the approach can be tailored to individual client needs. The confidential nature of ADR is appealing to many clients. There are various types of ADR, including Mediation, expert determination, adjudication or a more bespoke option.

Under a formal Mediation, the parties agree to appoint an independent third party – the mediator – to facilitate settlement discussions. The mediator is usually a lawyer but does not have to be – in many cases it is more useful for an industry expert to act as mediator. A typical Mediation will involve each party briefly setting out their case in writing in advance of a meeting between the parties and the mediator. The mediator, who has no power to decide the case or impose terms on the parties, assists them in identifying possible solutions to the dispute.

We have extensive experience of negotiating settlements, often without proceedings ever being started. Clients value our energy, innovation and pragmatism in seeking to achieve a beneficial resolution quickly and cost effectively.

We work with clients to develop a strategy to present their case in the most effective way, thereby maximising the prospects of an advantageous settlement. We advise on possible settlement terms weighed against the advantages and disadvantages of proceeding with litigation.

Our strong connections with leading mediators and experts enable us to identify appropriate professionals to facilitate ADR.

  • Aviation disputes
  • Corporate and commercial disputes
  • Energy disputes
  • Life sciences related disputes
  • IT and Communications disputes

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