Key facts: Joint venture solicitors

Joint ventures (JVs) enable multiple parties to work together, sharing risk and expertise, to enter new markets or industries.
There is no law specifically relating to joint ventures, which is why any JV agreement should be drafted to take account of common law, company and partnership law, tax law, competition law and intellectual property law.

As JV agreements are subject to such a variety of laws, it’s vital to have a commercial solicitor involved in order to ensure all parties are clear on their rights and responsibilities.

JVs can take a range of structures, from forming a new company to simply working together contractually for a set period of time or on a certain project.

What we do: Joint venture agreement legal services

For a JV to be successful for all parties, it’s essential that the agreement and the terms within it are clear and legally binding.

Our commercial solicitors have many years’ experience in setting up various JVs for clients looking to gain access to other experts or industry specialists for a commercial project. We’ve helped set up many JV contracts for our clients, focusing on:

  • Intellectual property
  • Confidentiality
  • Management of the JV
  • Finance – managing who is responsible for funding and paying contributions to the JV
  • Competition and restrictions
  • Deadlock and dispute resolution
  • Possible exit routes and termination
  • Shares of profits

Who we help

We help a variety of businesses in all sectors, from entrepreneurs, micro-businesses and start-ups, to medium and large businesses.

Why choose our joint venture agreement solicitors?

You may wonder why you may need a commercial solicitor to draft a JV agreement or review an agreement that has already been put in place. While many JV templates are available for you to fill out however you wish, it’s important to remember that no two JV agreements are the same. The right legal advice can help you decide which type of agreement works best for you and can be tailored to your specific needs – as well as point out any contentious issues or loop holes in your agreement.

Our corporate and commercial solicitors have extensive experience in joint venture agreements, and can collaborate with our expert solicitors in other legal areas to give you a seamless service, ensuring your JV agreement is legally sound from a holistic viewpoint.