A Notary is a qualified lawyer – a member of the third and oldest branch of the legal profession in England and Wales. Notaries are appointed by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Queensland and are subject to regulation by the Master of the Faculties. The rules which affect Notaries are very similar to the rules which affect Solicitors. They must be fully insured and maintain fidelity cover for the protection of their clients and the public.


Organising to receive an Apostille for your document can be time-consuming and difficult. While you can apply directly to DFAT to receive an Apostille for your documents, our experience and knowledge can help you receive your Apostille quickly, easily and without delays. To receive a quote including the DFAT Apostille fee, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Notary Services

Whenever you wish to use a document overseas you will need to employ Notary Public rather than a Justice of the Peace (JP) to witness or certify your documents. The person, company or Government department that requested your documents be notarised can help you determine whether you require the services of a Notary or a JP.

Our Notary Work

  1. Witnessing affidavits, statutory declarations, powers of attorney, contracts, international Wills and other documents for use in Australia and internationally
  2. Certification of copy documents for use in Australia and internationally
  3. Certification of original documents for production overseas
  4. Preparation and certification of powers of attorney, wills, deeds, contracts and other legal documents for use internationally
  5. Preparation of Life Certificates
  6. Acknowledgements for use in the USA
  7. Administering of oaths for use in Australia and internationally
  8. Exemplification of official documents for use internationally
  9. Preparation of ships’ protests
  10. Noting and protesting of bills of exchange