Wills are excellent tools for ensuring that an individual’s assets reach his or her heirs in accordance with their wishes, but the simplicity and affordability of wills come at a price: wills do not have to pass through probate in order to be recognised as legally valid. When a person establishes a will, they also name in the will a personal representative, or executor, who will be responsible for overseeing the probate process after the will holder’s death. The personal representative is generally someone in whom the testator or testatrix placed great faith. If you are named a personal representative in the will of a decedent, you have the obligation to ensure that the probate process goes as smoothly as possible.

When probate becomes unnecessarily complicated, or when a personal representative doesn’t fully understand their legal responsibilities, the result can be more stress, time and expense for all involved. Executors can benefit tremendously from the assistance of a dedicated probate lawyer when it comes to discharging their responsibilities effectively.

At Shaye Chapman Lawyers, we are proud of our reputation for excellence when it comes to probate. If you have been named a personal representative in the will of a deceased friend or family member, we encourage you to take advantage of our experience and let us help you navigate the pitfalls of probate court.

What to Expect from the Probate Process

A personal representative is responsible for gathering and accounting for the assets of the deceased, honouring legitimate debts to creditors and dividing the remainder of an estate among the intended beneficiaries. It’s not unusual for greedy creditors to act in bad faith and fraudulently try to deceive executors when it comes to the resolution of accounts, robbing heirs of their due inheritance and substantially compromising the value of an estate.

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Having Shaye Chapman Lawyers in your corner is the best way to safeguard a decedent’s assets against this kind of behavior and ensure that wealth ends up where it is supposed to be: in the hands of the deceased’s family members and other loved ones. Contact our office to speak with an attorney and find out how we can aid you in getting a will through probate court with minimum time and expense. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having us on your side.